Nayeli Calle-Sousa is a dynamic, compassionate, skilled clinician and leader in the field of mental health.  As a mental health professional, she has provided treatment to children, families, and adults of all ages with a diversity of diagnoses and presenting problems for over a decade.  She is a consultant, coach, and trainer for a multitude of organizations, programs, and educational settings where she brings expertise in Trauma Informed Care, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB), Child Development, Parenting, and evidence-based treatments. 

Nayeli is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of New York and holds a Masters in Social Work from Hunter College.  She is an adjunct professor at The Stony Brook School of Social Welfare and is the Founder & CEO of Brave Perspectives LLC. 


Identity and Mission

Nayeli proudly identifies as Latina and is the daughter of immigrants from Colombia and Peru.  She believes in affirming all aspects of a person’s identity including race, culture, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression. As part of her commitment to culturally affirming care, she provides all of her services in both English and Spanish.  She is passionate about supporting professionals to grow and enhance their DEI and leadership skills.  Nayeli is also a parent of a toddler and loves supporting parents as they work through the ever-evolving challenges and triumphs of parenting.

Logo and Values

The feather graphic of the logo represents an Andean condor wing which is a significant animal in both Colombia and Peru. Across Andean civilizations the Condor represents gentleness, wisdom, justice, equity, leadership, and closely observing in order to be able to see in a variety of ways.  The logo is a visual representation of Nayeli’s history and grounds her in her values in everything she does.